00 ∙ Introduction

"I just want to say thanks to all of you who kept my dream going. I really wish I was a few years younger to play with you guys. It's incredible that you've become a nationals contender in such a short time. So proud of you and good luck with your season, girls!"

—Karen Lee, Founder, 2002

"You know what people say about the fall? That it doesn't mean anything. And you know what? They're right. It's all just practice. Practice for the game to go. And that's why you have to stay hungry. That's why you run one more sprint at practice. That's why you throw for 10 more minutes. That's why you study the plays and know the rules. That's why you travel, and give up your time, and make sacrifices. That's why you work harder than everyone else. Because you want it more."

—Julie Sussman, Captain, 2004-2005

"One of my favorite things about this team is how unbelievably far we've come; it really feels like the sky is the limit. I love that all of us, this amazing team that spent all fall and is gonna spend all spring kicking ass and taking names, is the same group of girls that used to get bageled two years ago. Even more, I love the crescendo, as we've been putting more and more into this team, all building and building to this spring. I'm already drunk on the level of intensity that I know we have it in us to reach. You ladies are incredible, and together we are fucking unstoppable. So let's step it up one more huge notch and DO THIS ALREADY."

—Amanda Goodin, Captain, 2006-2007

"We have literally given our blood, sweat, tears and heart to this team, to each other, so much so that it shows on and off the field. We keep accomplishing these HUGE goals that nobody thought possible... until now. This is it. WE are it. Lets just effing do it. Eat hard play hard go team go."

—Krisztina Jozsef, Captain, 2006-2007

"I'm thinking about all of our tournaments, dancing, dressing up, partying, cracking up, and the wonderful friendships formed between us. But I have an excited hunch, an inkling that this season, this spring, is what will truly define us. Every team wants to make Nationals. But don't you feel it? No one wants it more than us."

—Mia Iseman, Captain, 2006-2007

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